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A bit of my history…

I am 54 years of age, and happily married to my wife, Wendy. I grew up here in Lacombe, went to public school, played sports, worked here, and created successful businesses here. It is by choice that we have made our life in Lacombe together and spent 19 years of marriage in the place we are proud to call our home. We both love Lacombe and the people we share it with. I want to do my part in ensuring Lacombe is as positive an experiencince for future generations as it was for me, growing up.         I was elected as Councillor, forming part of the team comprising the first City Council of Lacombe. It was a pleasure interacting with citizens on many issues and I learned a great deal throughout that term. I did my best to educate myself on the issues, engage in healthy debate and participated in all meetings. I always put the well being of our community first in my role as councillor. Rest assured I will do the same as your Mayor!Issues come and go, HOW they are dealt with shouldn’t! This is important to me and why I have the next column dedicated to Transparency and Accountability.

Accountability & Transparency

I remain committed to reviving some basic democratic principles in our municipal government here in Lacombe. Any Responsible government must be open to the public and accountable for their actions. You have likely heard other candidates suggest this, I am providing solid ways to implement the intent:

1) Council Accessibilty – Planned public access to council as a whole prior to general meetings.

2) Recorded Council Votes – Permanent public record. Many people can’t believe this isn’t standard procedure now!

3) “Blind” Voting – Councillor votes are not revealed until after the last vote is in!

I am pleased to know that most of your current candidates endorse these initiatives.    You may want to question current council why these ideas are NOT in place currently?Transparency & Accountability are ‘works in progress’ – your suggestions to improve them are always welcomed.  * More discussion? – Clik Here

What is a VOTER to do?

Many good people have grown increasingly dissatisfied  with local government, in fact  government at all levels. People often ask me what they can do that will make a difference? The quick and easy answer is “become involved” in the process that impacts your day to day living. The world is run by those that show up! As with many things the explanation of the quick and easy answer takes much longer.

Ok – How can I become involved? Here are a few ideas for your consideration:

  • Make your Vote count!
  • Talk with your elected officials
  • Take in some Council Meetings
  • Hold Politicians accountable!
  • Endorse your candidate(s)

Credit for much of the content below goes to councillor candidate Thalia Hibbs – Thanks Thalia!

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Candidates ought to earn your vote. An informed Vote is your way of showing trust in that individual. Your candidate choice(s) will have an affect on the community for at least the 4 year term, so please some sincere effort into it.  When evaluating candidates running for RE-ELECTION you should hold them accountable for their record over the last four years. Have they demonstrated leadership? What did they promise last campaign? How did they (‘they’ the candidate, not the city) deliver on those promises? Have they been prepared for council meetings and contributed to decision making? Do they initiate change? Do they bring new ideas? Do they regularly attend the committees they are assigned to? Do they support transparency by submitting written reports regularily? Are they committed to engaging with the public? Have they demonstrated fiscal responsibility and acted in the best interest of the City?

Next, evaluate the new promises. Are they different than previous ones? Why haven’t they been brought forward already? How are they going to better serve you going forward?

NEW CANDIDATES can’t run on their record like those seeking re-election. They need to demonstrate they are knowledgable about the issues, involved in their community and worthy of the trust you place in your elected officials. Do they support your ideals of a transparent and accountable  government? In addition to asking what their promises are, find out how they plan to see it through. Have they attended council meetings, do they know much about the role of councillor or mayor? Do they understand our community and have a good grasp of the issues? Have you seen them out in the community contributing? What experience do they have that they can point to that says they would be an effective representative in chambers? Are they good listeners? Are they positive?